Welcome to the web site of the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. (AGC), located in Marriottsville, Maryland. The Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. was formed on July 1, 1944 when a number of World War II veterans in the Baltimore, Maryland area began looking for a place for recreational and competitive shooting. They organized with several other Baltimore area shooting clubs to form the “AGC”.

The AGC is governed by a Board of Trustees, comprised of fifteen voting members elected by the Charter clubs who originally formed the Association. The Board of Trustees meets monthly to act on AGC business. The AGC was chartered by and for its member clubs, and functions and exists to:


200ydrangeThe AGC range facility is located on sixty acres in northwest Baltimore County, at the junction of Marriottsville Road and Wards Chapel Road (see Directions).

The range offers all clubs’ members, their families and guests a safe, maintained, and clean location to enjoy the shooting sports year round.

The AGC range offers:

  • A fifty-eight point outdoor range, firing at 25 and 50 yards, with covered firing line — equipped to handle NRA conventional pistol match competitions;

  • A 100-yard, benchrest-equipped, rifle, black powder, shotgun, and pistol range, with covered firing line — firing at intermediate distances of 25, 50, and 75 yards;

  • A ten point outdoor, high power rifle range with covered firing line — firing at 200 yards, with military-style target frames and equipped to handle national match events;

  • A four field, lighted, outdoor trap range with voice-activated and manual trap houses, a wobble trap, and portable Lincoln trap throwers;

  • A 25 yard archery range and simulated tree stand;

  • 20-yard shotgun patterning range

  • Memorial Hall Clubhouse — with a kitchen, soda machine, and restrooms;

  • Barnes Range House — with classroom, vending machines, and restrooms.


AGC member clubs’ membership comes from many areas in and around central Maryland. They all share a common interest in many aspects of the shooting sports, including:

  • Smallbore rifle shooting

  • Centerfire & high power rifle shooting

  • Black powder rifle shooting

  • Precision benchrest shooting

  • Smallbore and centerfire pistol shooting

  • Steel target shooting

  • Slug shotgun shooting

  • Trap shooting

  • Informal match events as well as sanctioned competitive match events on a local, state, or national level

  • NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

  • Action Shooting

  • Hunter sight-in

  • Reloading & ballistics

  • Firearm safety training and education programs

All of the AGC ranges are operated in an absolutely safe manner through the strict enforcement of formal Range Rules posted throughout the range facilities and which all AGC clubs’ members are given an orientation upon joining.

The AGC range facility is open seven days a week (only closing on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day) — from 8:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. or dusk on weekdays and from 9:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. or dusk on weekends.