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Our range rules are designed to keep everyone safe anywhere on the range.
Our range rules are also designed to preserve the AGC facilities and equipment.
Please consider the taking of this test as educational for the benefit of your students.

Pictures, caricatures or illustrations depicting real people may be used as targets.

What is the maximum allowed ammunition load on the trap range?

All firearms being brought to or transported on range property shall be unloaded.

Parking at the AGC. Check the correct answer(s).

All shooters shall clean up their area and pick up brass and shotshell hulls when finished shooting.

Hours of Operation for AGC Ranges. Select all that apply.

During a Cease Fire, all firearms shall be unloaded and pointed downrange or racked muzzle up, with actions open, magazines removed and Empty Chamber Indicators in place.

Tracer and incendiary ammunition or exploding targets

Personnel are permitted in the 200-yard target pits when shooting at steel targets.

I am required to surrender my student’s wrist bands and sign myself out when ready to leave the property.

Lanes to the left of lane 57 (orange column) on the Barnes range are

Select the correct answer(s). On AGC ranges, firearms are considered loaded if

The firing line on the 50, 100 and 200 yard ranges is

Firing from Creedmoor, Prone or Sitting (on the ground) position on the 50-yard range is

Which of the following statements is true when transporting firearms to or from the Concrete Pad?

Select the correct answer(s). During a Cease Fire,

Students who do not possess a valid AGC range badge shall obtain a wristband

Which of the following are AGC’s Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety?

On which range(s) is an orange flag required to be displayed forward of the firing line when it is safe to go down range?

The ratio of students to Certified Instructors for live fire on the 50-, 100- or 200-yard ranges is