The AGC has seven different types of badges for sale and Half-Year sales can only occur at the range on/after July 1st:

Annual Individual Range Badge Fee


Full-Year Junior Range Badge Fee


Full-Year Family Badge Fee


Half-Year Junior (July 1st)


Half-Year Family Badge Fee (July 1st)


Half-Year Individual Badge Fee (July 1st)


Annual Range Badge

Individual members in good standing of affiliated clubs shall pay annual dues in an amount approved by the Board of Trustees for each range identification badge, see table above. All badges are assigned to an individual by name and are to be used by that person exclusively.

Family Range Badge

Family member badges may be issued to bona fide family members. Only immediate family members of a regular adult AGC badge holder will also be entitled to acquire additional badges for family members and relatives residing together to include, immediate family members of the regular adult AGC badge holder including the spouse and children under the age of 23 still living at home. All badges are assigned to an individual by name and are to be used by that person exclusively.

Junior Range Badge

Junior range badge holders [16 years of age and above] having a certificate of qualification (NRA, Boy Scout, 4H, etc.) & range orientation course signed by a club officer, reviewed by the executive board, approved by the trustees, and conforming to all federal, state, and local firearm regulations, may use the range, for which they are qualified, without adult supervision. A junior club member without a certificate of qualification may only handle firearms on the firing line when supervised by an adult who will be responsible for the junior’s conduct.

Half-Year Sales

As stated in the AGC By-Laws, Half-Year badge sales commence on July 1st. Half-Year sales can only occur with new club members. A “new club member” is defined as someone who has never been an AGC badge holder.

15-yr AGC Range Badge Sold Out
AGC Trustees moved to create a new 15-yr Badge in order to raise capital funds for the specific purpose of constructing the 200-yard Safety Berm and associated Shooting Bays, as defined below;

  • 15-year special badge/sticker
  • Limit sales to no more than 100
  • No annual sticker requirement
  • Badges can be resold in private sale or inherited (no changes to badge expiration date)
  • Member must maintain continual associated club membership or forfeit badge, with exception for active military deployment
  • Member must show proof of associated club membership upon request or forfeit badge
  • Badge can be reinstated upon appeal to Executive Committee which will evaluate any extenuating circumstances
  • All other badge rules apply

This project will provide needed safety on the 200-yd range and the new shooting bays will be dedicated to Action Shooting, CIO/Corporate Customer training, pistol steel target shooting, and a member plinking range.