First, contact and join one of the 32 affiliated gun clubs of the AGC.  Second, complete a Range Safety Orientation through your new club.
Third, purchase an AGC Range Badge.

It’s that simple.

Click here to read our latest range rules. If your question is not answered in the range rules, then contact us via email.

AGC range badge holders can shoot on any of the AGC ranges during normal hours of operation as long as an event is not scheduled on the range/lanes that they wish to use. Events that are found on the AGC Events Calendar are normally placed there by officers of the various member clubs. If there are no scheduled events planned for the part of the range that you wish to use, all you have to do is to go to the range with your range badge, firearm(s), target(s) and ammunition. Although it is not necessary, you should check in with the Range Safety Officer (RSO) before getting ready to shoot to ensure that there have been no last minute changes in range conditions. You can always call the range at 410-461-8532 if you have any questions before going to the range.

While it is permissible to bring any number of guests to the range at any given time, AGC range badge holders are only allowed to use one shooting lane at a time, e.g., you can bring 10 guests with you, but only one person at a time can shoot. The only exception to this rule involves the use of the wobble trap (trap house number 4) on the trap range. If an AGC range badge holder wishes to use the wobble trap, they must sign in with the Range Safety Officer (RSO) and have the RSO open the wobble trap for them. In this case, any AGC range badge holder can bring any number of guests with 4-5 being able to shoot at the same time on the wobble trap field. All guests are required to be signed in at the Barnes Range House and they must wear (and return) a guest badge.

You can shoot any time that the range is open and lanes are available (i.e. not reserved by clubs for exclusive club use only.) This means that virtually all range facilities are available for open shooting nearly 95% of the time that the range is open. While it does occasionally happen that a club reserves much of one facility for an event, you can check the AGC Events Calendar to check if a particular facility is available before you plan your trip to the range, or you can always call the RSO at (410) 461-8532 to make sure that you will be able to shoot before going to the range.


Long answer: If you want to work and earn credits toward getting a free range badge, we do have a number of projects, some of which are annual or semi-annual projects like our Fall and Spring Range Clean Maintenance, and some periodic. If you choose to participate, you can earn range badge credits towards the purchase of next year’s range badge. 40 credits will get you a free range badge. Participation in this work is 100% VOLUNTARY.