Welcome to your Steel Target Certification Quiz - 2022

You must be a member in good standing of an AGC-affiliated club, posses a current AGC Range Badge, and disclose both your Club affiliation and your range badge number when registering for this quiz.

This quiz is intended to test your knowledge of the rules governing the use of personally-owned steel targets at AGC. It is strongly suggested that you read and understand the AGC Steel Plate Shooting Policy document found here: Steel Target Use Policy (Chapter XX) before attempting this test.

There is no margin for error. 100% is the only passing score. You have up to three attempts, twenty-four hours apart, giving you the opportunity to study the policy, to pass the quiz online.

AGC yellow badge with steel sticker AND AGC range badge shall both always be worn by the individual badge holder when/while shooting steel for non club/AGC disciplined sponsored events. Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph I.E.

Steel targets using the Angled/Fixed, Hinged and/or Spring-Loaded method shall... Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.B.2

The minimum thickness and hardness for shooting centerfire or muzzleloader ammunition is... Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.A.1.a.

Shooting shotgun ammunition at steel targets on the 100 yard range... Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.F.3.a/b

Fragments/remnants of a penetrable frame struck by an errant round shall be removed/cleaned up. Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.C.1.a.i

Non-penetrable steel posts/frames Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.C.1.b.

The minimum thickness and hardness for shooting rimfire other than .22 short, long, or long rifle ammunition is... Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.A.1.b.

Steel targets that have dimples, pocks, and/or cracks... Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.D.1.a/b

Steel targets on the 200 yard range shall be set directly in front of the main impact berm behind the target pits for all non AGC club/AGC disciplined scheduled events. Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.E.3

Allowable pistol caliber ammunition permitted for reduced range targets shall not exceed... Hint: Chapter XX Paragrapgh II.F.1.a/b

On the 50 yard pistol range, lanes 53-58 are the only lanes that an individual badge holder may set steel targets. Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.E.2.a

The minimum thickness and hardness for shooting .22 short, long, and long rifle ammunition is... Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.A.1.c

The burden of proof for any dispute with the on duty RSO concerning suitability of Steel Target, Mounting System, Frame, and/or Ammunition for Steel Target use at the AGC shall lie with the individual range badge holder. Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.G.1

Steel targets using the hanging mount method must be attached at two points, be free to swing backwards upon impact, and are prohibited at reduced range distances. Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.B.1

Any rifle ammunition with a muzzle velocity not exceeding 3,150 feet per second for full range targets on the 100 yard / 200 yard ranges as well as 40 yards or greater for scheduled events on the Shooting Bays and 200 yard range is acceptable. Hint: Chapter XX Paragraph II.F.2.a.ii