Club Description

OTA Shooting Sports Club, LLC (ISSC) is dedicated to promoting the education of its members to safely enjoy the shooting sports.

Annual Meeting 1st Sunday in October

  • Selection of Officers (2-year term)
  • Annual Budget Approval
  • By-laws Review

Quarterly Meetings

 1st Sunday per Quarter: January, April, July, and October

Range Orientation

Every Saturday at 1:00PM. Must acknowledge interest one day in advance, via email or ISSC website Contact Form.

Website IOTA Shooting Sports Club LLC

Monthly Training and Shooting Activities

  • Range Safety: Range Safety Officer, Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Pistol: Winchester Marksmanship, Personal Protection In/Outside The Home, Advanced
  • Shotgun: Basic, Winchester Marksmanship, Trap, Sporting Clays, Home Defense
  • Rifle: Basic, Winchester Marksmanship, Position Shooting, Short/Long Range
  • Archery
  • Hunter Safety 

Membership Cost

Initiation Fee: $25.00
Annual Dues: $15.00
AGC Range Badge: Range Badge Fees 

Club Contacts