Half-Year Sales

Half-Year badge sales commence on July 1st. Half-Year sales can only occur with new club members. A “new club member” is defined as someone who has never been an AGC badge holder.

Badge Expiration Date

An individual range badge gives full use of the AGC Range from the date of purchase until its expiration on December 31st of each year. A 30 day grace period is given to still use the range and renew by January 31st of the next year.

You must bring the following documentation to the AGC Range to receive your new badge:

• Government issued photo ID
• Affiliated Club Membership Card that shows year of membership matching new badge year
• AGC Range Safety Orientation Affidavit (signed by person performing safety orientation)
• Receipt printed from our web store as your proof of purchase, if pre-purchased online

To purchase a new range badge, you must see AGC office staff during scheduled range badge sales hours which are normally M-F 10am – 2:30pm and Sunday 9am – 3pm. The schedule is also published on the AGC calendar.