Welcome to your AGC Action Shooting Holster Certification Quiz.

In order to be eligible to possess an AGC Holster Certification, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • AGC Affiliated Club Member in Good Standing
  • Possess a valid/current year AGC Range Badge
  • Disclose your Club Affiliation and Range Badge Number Prior to taking the quiz
  • Pass the Holster Certification Quiz with a score of 100%
  • Pay the Holster Certification Fee prior to taking the Practical Exam
  • Register for and Pass the in Person Practical Exam

This quiz is intended to test your knowledge of the

AGC Holster Drawing Certification Policy

It is required that you read and understand this policy before attempting to take the quiz. You only have three attempts to pass this quiz with a score of 100%. If you take and fail this quiz three times, then you will be required to retake it under the supervision of the Action Shooting Committee Chairman before being eligible to register for the Practical Exam.

Which of the following is not true?

Which of the following will result in an immediate halt to the practical exam?

What type of holsters are permitted to be used at the AGC?

At what point during the draw is the shooters finger permitted to enter the trigger housing of their pistol?

The following placements for my holster are permitted

Guests of Holster Certified AGC Range Badge Holders are permitted to practice drawing and firing a loaded pistol from a holster

The AGC Holster Certification allows an AGC Range Badge Holder to