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AGC Range Rules (Updated Jan 21, 2020)

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On the trap range, what size shot may be used? Hint: Range Rule IV.D.3

You and your guest are shooting on the 100-yard (Barnes) range. You need to use the bathroom and make a phone call. Your guest wants to stay at the firing point with your firearms and keep shooting. Is this OK? Hint: Range Rule I.B.5

During range operations, any directions by Range Safety Officers (RSO), AGC Officers, and/or Shooting Directors/Event Directors are not to be disputed. Badge-holders may contact their club officers for disposition or appeal. Hint: Range Rule I.B.1, 1.B.1.A

Eye and ear protection are required on or near active firing lines, except at the pellet and archery ranges. Hint: Range Rule I.C.2.a

If I see someone going forward of the firing line while the range is hot, I need to yell “Cease Fire!” Hint: Range Rule I.C.23

Under what conditions may a guest shoot by themselves? Hint: Range Rule I.B.5

It is unacceptable to shoot at any wildlife that enters your line of fire on an AGC range. Hint: Range Rule I.C.18

With exception of the bench-rest area on the 100-yard (Barnes) range, the firing line on the 50-yard (pistol), 100-yard (Barnes), and 200-yard ranges are designated as: Hint: Range Rule I.C.21

During a cease-fire, you may handle an unloaded firearm. Hint: Range Rule I.C.12

When I bring guests to the 50-yard (pistol) range, 100-yard (Barnes) range, or 200-yard range, we can shoot in different lanes. Hint: Range Rule I.B.6

What is the maximum ammunition velocity allowed on the trap range? Hint: Range Rule IV.D.3

You are shooting with a guest(s) on the 100-yard (Barnes) range when a cease-fire is called and the line is announced to be “cold.” Before you go down-range to check your target, what should you remind your guest of? Hint: Range Rule I.C.4

Which statement is correct for shooting .22 pellets on the indoor pellet range? Hint: Range Rule IV.G.4

If a cartridge or empty case is in the chamber/cylinder/fixed magazine, or if a removable magazine is inserted, does the AGC consider the firearm loaded? Hint: Range Rule I.C.10.c

On the 100-yard (Barnes) range, moveable shooting benches must be positioned so the front legs are at the forward (down-range) edge of the concrete pad. Hint: Range Rule IV.B.5

When casing or uncasing a firearm while on the concrete pad, the muzzle must remain pointed down-range. Hint: Range Rule I.C.13

If a black powder firearm contains propellant, projectile, or cap, the firearm is considered loaded. Hint: Range Rule I.C.10.d

Everyone on the range has an obligation to police their shooting neighbors and help them follow the safety rules. If a polite reminder does not have the desired effect or is poorly received, the violation should be reported to a Range Safety Officer (RSO). Hint: Range Rule I.C.1

It is OK if an empty cartridge remains in the chamber/cylinder/fixed magazine during a cease-fire. Hint: Range Rule I.C.10

Any target on any target frame must be positioned so all rounds, shot from any firearm: Hint: Range Rule II.A.1

While you are at your firing position, you notice that the shooter next to you consistently has their firearm pointed at you and/or others (flagging) when loading/unloading. What do you do? Hint: Range Rule I.C.1

When shooting handicaps for trap, shooters may shoot from a staggered position not to exceed: Hint: Range Rule IV.D.6

On the 200-yard range, moveable shooting benches must be positioned so the front legs are at the forward (down-range) edge of the concrete pad. Hint: Range Rule IV.C.2

The 10 rightmost lanes on the 100-yard (Barnes) range (Positions 91-100) are for bench-rest shooting only. Hint: Range Rule IV.B.3

Rifle-caliber handguns are permitted on the 50-yard (pistol) range. Hint: Range Rule IV.A.2

If a cease-fire is called and you cannot make your firearm safe for any reason, you should: Hint: Range Rule I.C.10 and Cease Fire Script

Rifles and handguns are allowed on the 100-yard (Barnes) range, but shotguns are not. Hint: Range Rule IV.B.1

You must display your named yellow badge with certification sticker in addition to your range badge when shooting at steel targets. Hint: Range Rule II.B.2

Targets and target frames must not be capable of deflecting a projectile in an unsafe direction. Hint: Range Rule I.C.27

Rifles, shotguns, and handguns are allowed on the 200-yard range. Hint: Range Rule IV.C.1

On the trap range, how many guests may a badge-holder have on the firing line firing sequentially? Hint: Range Rule I.B.6

On the 200-yard range, people may stay in the pits between ceasefires only during organized shoots/practices under the control of a designated Event/Match Director but never during shooting of steel targets. Hint: Range Rule IV.C.12/13

Slugs may be fired on the shotgun patterning range. Hint: Range Rule IV.E.3

When carrying an uncased firearm from place to place, it must be carried muzzle-up, unless it is a break-open shotgun or rifle. Hint: Range Rule I.C.7

You may only fire fully automatic firearms at the AGC during an event supervised by the AGC Full Auto committee, and only after you have received proper training/certification from the AGC Full Auto committee. Hint: Range Rule I.C.28