AGC Trustees created a 15-yr Badge in order to raise capital funds for the specific purpose of constructing the 200-yard Safety Berm and associated shooting bays, as defined below;

  • 15-year special badge/sticker
  • $1,750/badge (45% discount over the period)
  • Limit sales to no more than 100
  • No annual sticker requirement
  • Badges can be resold in private sale or inherited (no changes to badge expiration date)
  • Member must maintain continual associated club membership or forfeit badge, with exception for active military deployment
  • Member must show proof of associated club membership upon request or forfeit badge
  • Badge can be reinstated upon appeal to Executive Committee which will evaluate any extenuating circumstances
  • All other badge rules apply

Sales of this new badge started November 1, 2017, and will end when 100 have been sold.

This project will provide needed safety on the 200-yd range and the new shooting bays will be dedicated to Action Shooting, CIO/Corporate Customer training, and a member plinking range.